10th Grade Conflict and Genocide Poster Project

This is an annual integrated unit for students in Jenn Reid and Arch Grieve's 10th grade classes. Students begin this unit on Conflicts and Genocides of the 20th Century by reading Martin Luther King Jr's "World House Essay," which highlights the problems that lead to conflict and helps explain how a better understanding and tolerance for all cultures and religions will help us end conflict once and for all. Students then trace the development of laws against human rights violations and genocide as we study the conflicts an genocides in history and read about them  through an assortment of books in language arts.


Finally, students create artwork that memorializes a genocide or draws attention to a current, ongoing conflict. These posters allow students to both express their views through art while also giving them a way to make their work public, as these posters have been displayed at Wright State University's Educational Resource Center, the Dayton International Peace Museum, and some even go to the Dayton Art Institute. This allows the community to interact with the posters and even purchase the artwork. The money raised through poster sales is then donated to UNICEF. If you're interested in purchasing a poster, please fill out the following Google Form.


Please browse past posters below and check the DRSS Facebook page around February or March of each year for an announcement for the time/location of each year's display.


*Disclaimer: All posters are the work of 10th grade students, who were given the freedom to craft their own messages. The posters and messages contained therein do not necessarily reflect the views of the teachers, administration, or board of the Dayton Regional STEM School.

You can now order 2014 posters online! Click this link to go to a Google Form to purchase the artwork and help raise money for UNICEF.

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2014 Posters - Year Four

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2013 Posters - Year Three

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2012 Posters - Year Two
2011 Posters - Year One