Staff Directory

Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email
Administration Robin Fisher Superintendent / CAO
Administration Andrew Sears Middle School Principal
Administration Nick Pant High School Principal
Administration Stephanie Adams Taylor Director of Strategic Partnerships
Administration Oumoul Barry Administrative Assistant
Administration Alexa Bergin District Project Specialist
Administration Lori Dunn Dean of Students
Administration Kim Horn Administrative Assistant, Front Desk & Attendance
Administration Molly Johnson Admissions and Data Specialist
Administration Jeff Lail Facilities & Grounds
Administration Kevin McGhee Compliance Analyst
Administration Jenn Reid PBL Coach / Training Center Coordinator
Administration Alicia Sanders Administrative Assistant - Partners & Outreach
Administration Jordan Slone IT Director
Health Services Natasha Day Health Services Director
Health Services Nikki Johnson School Nurse, BSN, RN
Student Supports Kate Kramer Middle School Counselor (L-Z)
Student Supports Caryn Spence Middle School Counselor (A-K)
Student Supports Steve Federinko High School Counselor - Class of 2024 & 2027
Student Supports Sarah Hubbs High School Counselor - Class of 2025 & 2026
Student Supports Stephanie Crosby Intervention Specialist (6-7)
Student Supports Azure Hickman Intervention Specialist (10-12)
Student Supports Sashelle Hill Intervention Specialist (8-9)
Student Supports Brittany Shores Title I
Student Supports Wynette Lee Intervention Specialist Paraprofessional
Technology Assistance Center Sam Furtaw IT Service Desk Analyst
Technology Assistance Center Sean Paquette Technology Support Technician
CAMP Dosser Valerie Gobeil CAMP Manager
Middle School Jamie Breen Teacher - 6 Principles of STEM
Middle School Emilly Carter Teacher - 6 Science
Middle School Owen Gonzalez Teacher - 6 Math
Middle School Katherine Kinnard Teacher - 6 Language Arts
Middle School Pat Murakami Teacher - 6 STEM Explorations
Middle School Sarah Paul Teacher - 6 Social Studies
Middle School Melissa Curran Teacher - 7/8 Wellness & Fitness
Middle School Maleyah Bhandari Teacher - 7 Language Ats
Middle School Caitlyn Kovar Teacher - 7 Digital Exploration
Middle School Joe Lawler Teacher - 7 Social Studies
Middle School Brittnee Lydy Teacher - 7 Science
Middle School Stacy Slone Teacher - 7 Math
Middle School Bridgett Williams Teacher - 7/8 Engineering
Middle School Andrea Helbach Teacher - 8 Science
Middle School Keenan McCormick Teacher - 8  Digital Design
Middle School Nichole Miller Teacher - 8 Language Arts
MIddle School James Smith Teacher - 8 Social Studies
Middle School Amy Vazquez Teacher - 8 Math
High School Brittany Alao Teacher - Social Studies
High School Catherine Amoateng Teacher - Chemistry
High School Shannon Bone Teacher - Wellness & FItness
High School Philip Bottelier Teacher - Engineering
High School Maan Broadstock Teacher - Chinese
High School Lily Brownbury Teacher - Math
High School Jill Campbell Teacher - Health Sciences
High School Lily Chen Teacher - Chinese
High School Jacqueline Harris Teacher - Language Arts
High School Alex Helton Teacher - Physics & Engineering
High School Tyler Hertenstein Teacher - Computer Science
High School Deb Housh Teacher - Art
High School Jack Hu Teacher - Game Design
High School Jade McDaniel Teacher - Technical Reading & Writing
High School Jenny Montgomery Teacher - Art
High School Meena Neelakantan Teacher - Math
High School Robbie Potts Teacher - Social Studies
High School Jon Roberts Teacher - Math
High School Nancy Schaefer Teacher - Math
High School Kelly Vanderhorst Teacher - Social Studies
High School Sammi Zhao Teacher - Chinese