What is it that makes STEM unique?

Discover our forward-thinking and student-centered approach to education,

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Project Based Learning is the teaching method used at The STEM School in which student learn by doing. Rather than listening to instructors lecture material, completing worksheets, and taking exams, students at STEM are given a driving question and basic knowledge before exploring the content through a real-world project. This model helps create an authentic and engaging learning environment for every student. View project examples from our latest Virtual Exhibition Day here!

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The STEM School follows the same standards as other public schools, complete with humanities, the arts, and more. Many of our projects are interdisciplinary, linking courses together to show the connection of content in a real-world setting. We instill 21st century skills and STEM principles, such as technology, in every class. This helps us shape students into global citizens, no matter what they choose to pursue after graduation.

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This middle school course is a cornerstone in our education model. Each student takes three years of STEM Foundations in middle school. The course is infused with engineering and IT curriculum, but also teaches them the basics of Project Based Learning, 21st century skills, our five qualities, critique, and so much more.

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Students have the opportunity to explore in-demand career fields more deeply through our Career Pathway programs. We currently offer programs in Information Technology, Engineering, and Healthcare, with more offerings on the horizon. Exposure to these fields begins in early middle school, then expands to elective courses as students progress in their high school careers. This is an excellent way to explore new career fields, gain industry credentials, and set yourself apart from other students.

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Students begin their career and college exploration journey in the 6th grade. All students participate in our annual College and Career Fair, featuring over 60 regional organizations from all industry types. 9th and 10th grade students partake in Job Shadow Day, while upperclassmen must complete a 72-hour internship with a mentor of their choosing.This robust exploration program helps build students' resumes and helps them make early decisions about their futures.

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For the last 2 weeks of the school year, every student forgoes their normal class schedule and participates in STEMmersion, deep diving into a topic of your choosing. From cross-country adventures to crash courses in "adulting," there is something for everyone. This is a time for bonding with peers, using transferable soft skills, and stepping outside of comfort zones. It's sure to be every student's favorite part of the year!

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We find it extremely important to focus on not only a student's academic growth, but also personal growth throughout their time at STEM. We measure this through our five qualities:






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A   90 - 100

B   80 - 89

C   70 - 79

F    0 - 69

**We do not give D's.

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High School Profile


High School Course Offerings

Gifted Strategic Plan

Graduation Requirements

  • English - 4 Credits

  • Math - 4 Credits

  • Science - 4 Credits

  • Social Studies - 3 Credits

  • Art - 1 Credit

  • Wellness & Fitness - 1 Credit

  • Chinese - 2 Credits

  • Additional Foreign Language - 1 Credit

  • Internship - .5 Credit

  • Electives - 3.5 Credits