NOV8 Giving Day Starts Now!

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  • A donation of $80 will purchase 1 drone
  • Donate an amount of your choosing

Cash or check can be mailed to:
Attn: Stephanie Adams Taylor
1724 Woodman Drive, Kettering OH 45420
Please make checks payable to "Dayton Regional STEM School" with memo "NOV8 Day".
Donations can also be dropped off at the main office.

Organization Sponsorship:
Organizations that donate $800 or more will receive special sponsor recognition during our Design Challenge. Click here to register as a sponsor and receive an invoice to pay with card or check.

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Dear STEM Supporters, 

NOV8 Giving Day starts NOW!! We invite you to join your fellow STEM Supporters on Wednesday, November 8th by participating in the Dayton Regional STEM School's special one-day fundraiser - NOV8 Giving Day! Get it? In-nov-ate = NOV8!

During this online event, we are raising funds for our 2nd annual STEM Design Challenge, which will kick off for students after the holidays. The driving question for this year's challenge is "How can drones be used to solve a problem and/or enrich the experience of people in the Dayton region?" Generous donations from NOV8 Giving Day will support the purchase of drones and additional challenge supplies for this experience. Our goal is purchase at least 80 drones at $80 each.for school-wide use.

We hope you'll join us in giving the gift of STEM education! If you have any questions, please reach out to me at Thank you for supporting the students and mission of the Dayton Regional STEM School!

Stephanie Adams Taylor 
Director of Strategic Partnerships 
The Dayton Regional STEM School